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About Varied / Hobbyist Abigail May Byars (Scotland)Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconpmdexplorersofworlds: PMDExplorersOfWorlds
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In advance: CREDIT TO ALL THE BASES THAT I USE KAY!? good :3 :iconmikuishappyplz:

Feel free to look at my gallery! And I hope you all enjoy my art! =D
Stuff I do:
Anime and Manga
Pokemon Gijinka
Fictional Writing
Still life (Sometimes)
Landscapes (Sometimes)
Character Bio's
Note!: Requests, gifts and trades must be within these categories or I can't draw it

~Akikuzumaki :iconakikuzumaki:


I love faving stuff so if I love your art I WILL spam your gallery with Faves! <3 =D





Abigail May Byars (Scotland)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hey everybody welcome to my page if you are looking for someone normal well... you have found the WRONG person! Kay!? here is a little bit about awesome me!
Name: May, Aki, AKiku or just skittles
Username: Akikuzumaki (x
Birthday: November 3rd
Age: 13
Nickname: Akiku, skittles and crazy bitch
YouTube: (no videos available yet)
I write teh stories just sayin'

My DA Family!!!

:star: My sisters :star:

ShadazeRules :iconshadazerules: : My random, rainbow unicorn, big sister!

Sunshineyoko :iconsunshineyoko: My sister who is crazier than a shit house rat!!

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Akikuzumaki :iconakikuzumaki:

Dragon icon Collection


___Black Dragon___



Full Body
Includes fom the top of the head down to the feet.

~Knee-up = 30 Points 
Includes the top of the head down to the knees.

•Sketch: 20 Points

•Detailed sketch: 25 Points 

•Lineart: 20 Points  ~Full Body = 30 Points 
Includes the entire body.

•Sketch: 25 Points 

•Detailed Sketch: 30 Points 
~Waist = 20 Points
Includes the top of the head down to the waist.

•Sketch: 15 Points 

•Detailed Sketch: 20 Points 

•Lineart: 15 Points
~Headshot = 10 Points
Includes the top of the head down to the tops of the shoulders.

• Sketch: 5 Points

•Detailed Sketch: 10 Points

~Bust = 15 Points
Includes the top of the head down to the chest.

•Sketch: 10 :points:

•Detailed Sketch: 15 Points 

•Lineart: 10 Points

The end of the world began when Pewdiepie made a black and yellow Pegasus land on the hood of May's brand new 2012 blue Lamborghini. She'll kill us all for ruining her awesome, new convertible that opens vertically, also Entity spilled gasoline all over teh seats!! We're all gonna die at the mercy of May Tsukiyomi's psychic and supernatural powers! T_T :panic: :panic: :panic: Stampede AKCat-panic (Acchi kocchi) Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] 

If your still reading because you are curious to how I will epically fail in handling this disaster of a situation when trying to act and do so in a sophisticated manner then I must of got ya, although I have been in a similar situation with the hotheaded Kitsune, it was truly frightening, especially with her newly acquired Katana.Masato Inohara (Panic) [V5]   AKCat-panic (Acchi kocchi) And yet May's face when she sees chocolate still looks much like thisOkumura Rin Icon by BurningIcee and act's like this "Thank you master I shall be non violent for the rest of the evening!!" Ciel and Lizzy (Huggy) [V1] :InvaderMar: Super Duper Happy Jester 

May: I would never act so childish over a piece of chocolate -_- Ciel Phantomhive (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

Pendragon (myself): Oh shut yer face, stop trying to be sophisticated! No one wants to hear what you have to say; save that crap for questionnaires and comics so I can laugh at you now BEGONE or FUS RO DAH! I am PISSED OFF! :coursework: FUS RO DAH 

May: Whatever go on with your thing... Ciel Phantomhive (Ahem) [V2] 

Anyway have ya all missed meh?? Ciel and Lizzy (Huggy) [V1] No? Aww you're a fag then Sebastian Michaelis (Smily) [V2] XD Now that I have possibly got the attention from the majority of my 'old' watchers and dis is very important so ...::Read The Following!::... 

It's official I have left this account for good and this will probably be the last thing I will EVER post on here so every single one of my watchers better pay attention! *dramatic pause* Anyway I was thinking about holding a contest and redrawing ALL of my cringe worthy point commissions, At's and requests that have been brushed under the rug on this account; my reason for this is because the majority of my school year is almost over, I have mastered the art of creating my own 'My Little Pony Friendship is Magic' style (Just not posted any of my traditional works yet...) Anyway! as I was saying! I have definitely improved on my art quality as well as my characterization and writing style! My new nickname is Pendragon and I love it so much more ^^ I have made some great new friends and still have a chat now and then with some of my (truly loyal) *Ahem* Old watchers and I get along great with my new ones even if I get more faves than I do comments I still get at least 2 new watchers on average every few days which I am really happy about and wouldn't mind if I saw some of my old ones from this account; I have to say I was fairly disappointed when I found that only about 8-12 of my watchers came with me, it makes me think why you even bothered to watch me in the first place.  Sealand emote Germany emote Japan emote Anyway it's your choice and I guess it's partly my fault because I wouldn't reveal my new username to the community of DA so willingly but now that I have shook my soul sucking flamers who smell like Hades gym shorts off of my persona's fox tail (Gah that's disgusting blame Rick Riordan for  putting it in his book ^^;) I shall reveal it at the end of this journal so you can all go and stalk me on my new account, I'll be waiting for you. :iconmnrrapeplz: grinfaceplz Rose's Creepy Eyebrows Icon :O v O: :darkness Omg I gets present Waitin' On Someone Special England (Laughing) [V3] Romano (Mustache Laughs) [V1] Hetalia Switzerland Nosebleed Undertaker (Stalks) [V2] 

I have this new software called Dxtory which I am going to use to record my screen for a Let's Play Pokémon series I am thinking of doing soon if someone can tell me why it's audio tab is NOT picking up my headset and only giving me two options of microphone and speakers when I've plugged the headset in then that would be very helpful thanks. :lag: 

I am also considering of starting a MLP: FiM comic and it has Assiah and Almia and shizz in it and they go to different worlds and universes and they kill a Manticore and other creepy stuff and I need 4 more chara's for my own 'Main or Mane six'. If you want your chara to be in it send a note including a short bio, reference and $200 (JOKE!) to my new account linked at the end of this journal entry. I am also thinking about holding a contest to design me a new OC, since the cinder block that is art block is crushing me right now and all I can draw is freaking MLP right now!! 

And last but not least of you want a free ref guide done by me then I have 5 slots left if you want one, first come first serve!


:bulletpurple: I do NOT draw in my old sonic style any more since all of my watchers that liked my sonic style didn't note me for my new username which caused me to just gradually lose interest; my sonic style was brought to life by a simple request when someone saw May's mobian forme and said they liked it. The style was simply a quick sketch of May's mobian avatar, which was created for a scene in my story I was writing on, however I have long since went back to it, I tried restoring a pic of May cuddling her blue bunny but I the more I looked at it the more out of place it looked in my new gallery filled with MLP and anime. However that does not mean I am not more than happy to draw a specific chara you used for an RP with me or that I knew particularly well or took a liking to, if you want me to re-draw a commission free of charge or an AT or request for free then I'm perfectly fine with that, just no awkward hair, SAI is as broken as it's gonna get since I now need to use the snipping tool which I now regard as a god send! T_T 

:bulletred If you were an old watcher of mine but have only just now seen this journal and watched me on my new account just because you were an old watcher of mine does NOT mean I will just give you free stuff or discounts on commissions, I'm not a retard so don't try and pull that crap on me unless you were a good friend of mine who simply didn't see my goodbye journal because you were too busy spamming the delete button on your message board because you haven't cleared your messages in a week and have ended up with 3000 odds. 

:bulletblue: Aaaaand finally! The moment you have all been waiting for my new account dun, dun, dun!!!! Drum roll please!

Here it is: LabyrinthButterfly :iconlabyrinthbutterfly: 

Well that took longer that I wanted, hopefully you didn't and won't ignore :3 Well see you guys on the dark side side! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 
Lil Butchie learning evil grin The Seriously Evil Laugh Run Away :bademoticon: England emote Romano emote PASTAAA Grell emote Undertaker emote Undertaker (Stalks) [V2] 

Lots of emoticons cause I have writers block and no life and trying to avoid writing my FanFic XD My bad Grell Sutcliff (Fangirling) [V2] 



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